FOAFCorp: Java pathfinder demo

What is this?

These files show the use of a path-finding algorithm with the foafcorp data.

Various other files here can be used (with some minor modifications to the Java code) to find paths through other datasets. The Perl scripts will query a SOAP RDF query service for data and output it in a form the Java tools can parse. But for the FOAFCorp demo you can ignore that for now...

The java code is free software, available under the GNU Public License. Source code is included in the .jar file and also browsable online. It hasn't been properly shrink-wrapped yet.



Run on the commandline, the demo will output a complete list of paths given a (lowercase) name that matches a company in the listing. Each link in the chain corresponds to a claim in the They Rule dataset that there is a common board member shared by the two companies. Note that this data is provided for demo purposes only; it may be out of date or otherwise innacurate.

The following demo script shows some sample paths, based on simple 'grep' filtering of the output.

java -jar foafpath.jar microsoft | grep ^motorola
motorola , j.p._morgan_chase , merck , microsoft

java -jar foafpath.jar safeway | grep ^microsoft
microsoft , citigroup , at*t , caterpillar , safeway

java -jar foafpath.jar j.p._morgan_chase | grep ^hewlett-packard
hewlett-packard , merck , j.p._morgan_chase

java -jar foafpath.jar hewlett-packard | grep ^microsoft
microsoft , merck , hewlett-packard

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