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1. Introduction

TreeHugger is an attempt to use xpaths and xslt on rdf graphs (a tree-hostile environment). You can download it here. Be warned that it's only been compiling for a day, so it's very pre-alpha.

TreeHugger tries to make an RDF graph look like an ideal RDF/XML serialisation. Hopefully XSLT stylesheets that 'break' when confronted by odd serialisations will convert easily to TreeHugger.

TreeHugger was written by Damian Steer. It is Free Software, released under a BSD-style licence.

2. Using TreeHugger

Before starting you should probably flick through my introduction, particularly the example. Next try the online playground, where you can try stylesheets.

If you want to play in the privacy of your own home then download treehugger. INSTALL and README should be all you need.

3. Notes

Here are a few notes on TreeHugger and XPath:

4. Future Development

5. Acknowledgements

6. Related

Sean B. Palmer's Pondering RDF Path contains some useful information and links to RDF-specific path languages.

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